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Update On Aid Campaign

In the last few days, I have bought important & expensive groceries for the local people, packed them & distributed them to earthquake victims, along with reasonable amounts of money. With these amounts of money, they can get by for several weeks, they can pay their rents or help them rent new apartments if their old ones are uninhabitable.

The humanitarian situation on the ground is worrying. So many houses are completely destroyed or uninhabitably damaged. Ruins. Many people lack almost everything. It breaks my heart. We have already started planning & packing many boxes with many important items for the next campaign.

The affected people mostly live with other family members or friends. They, in turn, lack the money to provide for other families. That’s why I distributed many boxes with important food & also appropriate money. As far as possible, I will also rent apartments for the next 3 months for families, hopefully with your generous support. But the problem is that there are hardly any apartments. Many also live in tents, so I am buying them blankets, as the temperatures are still very low.

It is important that your donations are on site. Together WE will certainly not be able to help everyone. But WE will make sure that many families feel better in the next few months. And by WE I mean all the great people who made all this possible with their donations. Thank you ❤️

Syria is really hit hard. People are even happy when you just listen to them and their stories. Many women already live alone because they lost their husbands in the war. Many families have adopted children of relatives or acquaintances because they lost their parents. Individual destinies are really very different and very sad.

I am grateful every day for your donations, which make all this possible. You make things a little better for many people. Thank you ❤️

On a separate note, many people don’t feel comfortable, maybe even humiliated getting photographed in tent-housing accepting donations. I of course respect that and consider it in my pictures. 

Please donate whatever you feel comfortable with, and for the transaction description, please write “HELP”



SE49 5000 0000 0526 7028 2555



Again, thank you all for participating. I will keep you posted with updates on the progress.

Anna 🥰