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Anna Johansson

Model and Photographer

About Me

My name is Anna Johansson. I was raised in the Värmland, spending colorful summers and snowy winters in Butorp where I became enchanted with the nature as a child. After moving to Stockholm to pursue a career as a model, I also attended the university of Stockholm to major in Middle Eastern studies and Graphic Design. After 10 years of travelling the world and working with the best photographers in the industry, I decided to put those years of experience to use and become a photographer, making nude & erotic the focus of my artistic and professional life.

I believe that photography captures moments in time. The still image is the best way I express myself artistically. I love photographs that combine the beauty of the naked female body with natural backgrounds and fashionable accessories. Introducing this form of the nude female gives me the opportunity to represent our innate desires to connect with mother nature and our own erotic desires.

As a model I´m specialized in nude photography and as a photographer I´m specialized in nude and erotic photography, mainly black and white photos, I love hard light and work a lot with short depth of field.

In my photography I will show you what makes a picture stunning. It’s not trimmed around technology, rather on the story behind the photo and I want to create emotional nude and erotic photography. I want to inspire others and create nude  and erotic photography that speaks to the soul. I will show you my philosophy and style on how to create a concept, work with models, studio and on locations, in both natural light and flashes and bring pictures into life in post-production.

I don`t have a big studio or expensive equipment, mostly I work with only one light and in my opinion you can create amazing, cool, beautiful and  amazing photos with simple tools.

I want to inspire others – Let me inspire you

About Me

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